Dronisos opens offices in Orlando and Dubai

December 1, 2023
As a leader in the drone show industry, we are expanding globally, with local teams available in Florida and the United Arab Emirates

Ever since its creation in 2016, Dronisos has proudly called Bordeaux, France, home. Cherishing its roots, the company has fostered a vibrant local ecosystem through numerous partnerships in the region. However, recognizing the complexities of operating globally from France, Dronisos took a strategic leap in 2023, opening two extra offices: one in Orlando (Florida) and the other in Dubai. Let's dive into the details of this successful development strategy.

World leader in drone shows

As a pioneer in drone entertainment, Dronisos continues its upward trajectory, expanding and flourishing year after year. In an arena increasingly crowded with illuminated drone shows, Dronisos has not only retained its leadership position but has excelled both in technological innovation and artistic brilliance.

Dronisos develops and owns its own software and technologies, and remains at the forefront of innovation. The company ensures shows are not just visually stunning but also increasingly precise, reliable, and secure. With a portfolio that spans the globe for unique occasions and permanent installations, the growing global demand prompted a "multi-local" approach, resulting in the establishment of offices in Orlando (Florida) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The Middle East is an expanding market for the drone show industry.

A multi-local strategy

Replicated Offices

In the dynamic landscape where technology, artistry, and events converge, Dronisos recognizes the pivotal role of physical proximity to clients. To swiftly respond to their needs and minimize financial and ecological costs associated with equipment shipments and team travel, Dronisos adopted a "multi-local" internationalization strategy. More than just commercial offices, this involves creating local hubs equipped with drone fleets, with operational teams, and experts versed in the legal and administrative intricacies of each territory. The aim? To "replicate" the original Dronisos office successfully in Florida and Dubai.

All the Advantages

This strategy makes Dronisos more flexible, quicker, and more competitive in the United States and the Middle East. Local presence facilitates face-to-face meetings, participation in professional events, and on-site visits. It also fosters a denser network of partners for rapid responses to client needs. Local teams, with employees from the respective regions, enhance communication and understanding of local regulations. With drone fleets at each site, flexibility and efficiency soar, reducing the time, cost, and carbon footprint associated with equipment transport.

Orlando and Dubai: a well-thought-out choice

Leveraging its expertise in permanent drone shows for amusement parks, Dronisos strategically chose Orlando for its first U.S. office. Already a provider for various amusement parks in the Southeastern United States and the proximity to existing clients, including Dollywood, made Florida an ideal choice.

Orlando, as the heartbeat of the amusement park industry, emerged as a strategic location for Dronisos' American expansion. With an airbase near Orlando, the company can conduct tests and demonstrations, inviting both existing and potential clients. A longstanding member of IAAPA, Dronisos actively participates in industry events, including the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, and engages in numerous local events.

The Middle East, with its fervent demand for drone shows, is the other chosen location. Having executed numerous events in the region, from the Qatar World Cup to the Dubai World Cup, Dronisos recognizes the need for a local office to tailor offerings to the unique demands of this larger-than-life entertainment market.

The Dronisos teams

Dronisos' international development strategy forms the bedrock of the company's success. To replicate the French success story in the United States, CEO Laurent Perchais relocated to Orlando in 2023. Accompanied by a local team, he serves as the ambassador for Dronisos in North America while actively contributing to the French office. This transatlantic presence ensures a dynamic exchange of skills between the two offices and a swift, effective establishment in the United States.

CEO Laurent Perchais and Project Manager Nicole Abbett, receiving 2 awards at MIami's French-American Chamber of Commerce

In the Middle East, Kris Vloemans, Dronisos' COO, takes the helm as the General Manager of the Dubai office. With 12 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates and a significant role in iconic events, Kris brings invaluable insight to the region.

Back in Bordeaux, a team of around 50 employees continues to drive Dronisos' activities, spanning various crucial departments. From sales and artistic development to operational execution, research and development, workshop, maintenance, and support functions, the Bordeaux team remains an essential part of Dronisos' global operations.

From a thriving startup to an internationally acclaimed company, Dronisos stands as a testament to excellence in technology, artistry, and operations. Present in the 3 primary markets of drone entertainment, the company solidifies its position as a global leader, poised to surpass expectations in the years to come.

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