Dronisos and Dollywood Extend Partnership

June 17, 2023
Dronisos and Dollywood Extend Partnership for Second Consecutive Year, Solidifying Official Provider Status

Pigeon Forge, June 17th 2023

Dronisos and Dollywood Extend Partnership for Second Consecutive Year, Solidifying Official Provider Status

Dronisos, a global leader in permanent installations, is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with Dollywood, further cementing its position as the park's Official Provider for the second year in a row. The collaboration will feature various spectacular permanent drone shows during the year. 

Building on the success of their previous partnership, Dronisos and Dollywood are excited to strengthen their relationship through this agreement. As the sole provider, Dronisos assumes full responsibility for the entire project, from choreography creation to seamless show operations. The upcoming permanent drone shows include the highly anticipated Summer festival, scheduled to run from June 17th to August 6th.

Dronisos' unparalleled expertise in Theme Park services positions the company as the world leader in permanent installations. Together with the dedicated Dollywood team, a specialized crew of seven individuals has been assembled to operate the shows on a daily basis. These experts operate discreetly from a designated and secure zone, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to withstand diverse weather conditions.

Few figures of the new summer drone show at Dollywood

Cyndi Mc Cormack, Vice President of Guest Experience at Dollywood, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration, stating,

"Dronisos truly understands our business, consistently demonstrating their ability to set up and operate with exceptional efficiency while seamlessly integrating with our park's activities. With their unwavering commitment to the highest security standards, they have proven to be an invaluable asset. From the talented choreographers to the diligent ground operators, their proactive and adaptable team has been a tremendous addition to our organization. We are delighted to have them on board."

Chance Smith, Entertainment Manager and Producer at Dollywood, remarked on the previous year's success and shared exciting plans for the upcoming shows, stating,

"Last year, we astounded our guests with a nightly drone spectacle during the summer festival, which garnered resounding acclaim. Building on that success, we are eager to take it to the next level this year with an enhanced version of the Summer show. While I can't reveal the specifics just yet, I can assure you that it will be an entirely unique experience that will leave audiences awe-inspired."

Dronisos and Dollywood teams celebrating after a successful rehearsal

Dronisos and Dollywood are committed to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and delivering unforgettable experiences to park visitors. The collaboration between these industry leaders promises to raise the bar once again and leave guests mesmerized by the magic of drone technology.

The media kit is available at the following link.

A one-minute presentation of Dronisos is available here.

Dronisos Vimeo video gallery can be found here.

About Dronisos:

Dronisos is a drone entertainment company specialising in the creation of indoor and outdoor shows using autonomous drones. With its headquarters in Bordeaux, France, Dronisos has regional offices in Orlando, USA, Dubai, UAE and London, UK. Since its inception in 2016, Dronisos has performed over 50,000 drone flights in over 25 countries around the world.

The company provides drone entertainment at major events and theme parks around the world. Currently operating daily drone shows at theme parks in Europe and the USA, Dronisos installations can also be found in museums, circuses, musicals and cruise ships worldwide.

Dronisos is proud to use drones that are 100% French, designed by Parrot, modified by Dronisos, and assembled in France.

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