1000 drones in Toulon for Paris 2024

May 16, 2024
On May 10th, Toulon's skies dazzled with a 1,000-drone ballet, celebrating the Olympic flame's journey. Our team's dedication showcased Dronisos' drone show expertise.

Dronisos Celebrates the Arrival of the Olympic Flame in Toulon with an Exceptional Drone Light Show

A Drone Show Shaped as Artistic Demonstration

This drone show was crafted over many weeks to give the warmest welcome to the Olympic flame. Based on a creative brief from the City of Toulon, our artistic director immersed himself in the history and culture of Toulon to draw out its strongest symbols, thus deeply resonating with the people of Toulon. But beyond a mere succession of images, we aimed to particularly refine our drone choreography to offer an immersive and imposing experience through a series of 3D figures. We also aimed to inject maximum dynamism into our drone light show through poetic and choreographed transitions, as well as sparkling LED effects.

The Chalucet Media Library emerges above Toulon's port

Technology Serving Artistry

This artistic quality is made possible by our in-house developed and patented technology, allowing us to continually push the creative possibilities of drone light shows further. Indeed, our team of engineers continuously develops new features to optimize drone movements and the overall quality of our shows. Whether it's our suite of software for artistic creation or our drone control software, all our tools undergo continuous improvement, allowing us to stay at the forefront of technology and even develop specific features according to our clients' needs. Absolutely independent and masters of our tools, we control the entire production chain of our shows... right down to the drones themselves, which we manufacture in France, based on a Parrot license.

Our operators preparing the 1000 drones

Flawless Operational Mastery

The drone show in Toulon for the passage of the Olympic flame presented a number of challenges, such as flying over water. There were also regulatory questions as Toulon is a city that hosts a military base spread across several zones, which obviously poses a number of constraints in terms of authorizations. But thanks to the experience of our operational team and project managers, as well as continuous collaboration and communication with the city of Toulon, we were able to meet every challenge to deliver our performance under the best conditions on the day.

A Drone Show Celebrating Olympism

The entire Dronisos team is proud to be part of the Paris 2024 adventure with this unique drone show. The flame currently traveling through France was lit in the skies of the French Riviera and will continue to shine in the hearts of all of France, to support our athletes and celebrate the values of sport and Olympism.

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