Using the sky as our canvas where anything and everything is possible, we paint with light to reflect the most compelling narratives.
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Permanent drone shows

Permanent drone shows

Our team of experts will help your venue set up a permanent installation, providing the technology, choreography, and logistical infrastructure to run successful drone shows each night.

Our installations can be found at theme parks, museums, circuses, musicals and even on cruise ships around the world.

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One-off drone shows

One-off drone shows

Planning a large event or a series of events? Our drone light shows have wowed audiences at product launches, movie premiers, music concerts, corporate events, trade shows, sporting events, and even weddings!

Our team of artists will work closely with you to create that perfect show to wow your audience.

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We are artists

Art is people at their most beautiful and for as long as we’ve been able, we’ve found new ways to manifest that beauty.

Stunning Choreographies

We are engineers

Utilising cutting-edge technology to provide exciting, engaging and immersive moments, with safety and environmental stewardship as hallmarks of each experience.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are committed

Dronisos is at the very vanguard of that journey, leading the way toward new forms of awe-inspiring storytelling and magic through drone light shows.

Best-in-class Safety

Brands that love us. We've told their stories with drones.

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Dronisos is proud to launch a new show at Disneyland Paris

"Creativity and innovation have always been an integral part of our brand DNA and what sets Disneyland Paris apart. We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of imagination to surprise and amaze our guests. In this regard, the cutting-edge technology provided by Dronisos, our resort’s Official Technology Provider, will allow us to take immersive storytelling to new heights for the greatest pleasure of our guests of all ages."

Natacha Rafalski is President of Disneyland Paris

Natacha Rafalski

Présidente of Disneyland Paris
Drone sighting

Our goal is simple, to create the most immersive, emotional and spectacular experience for our audience.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to stand steadily anchored to the ground with our focus on the behaviour of our drone swarms.

However, when the show begins, along with our audience, our hearts are in the sky.

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