How much does a drone show cost? You probably wonder...

August 27, 2023
Before venturing into a drone show project, understanding the cost of such a service is crucial.

Before venturing into a drone show project, understanding the cost of such a service is crucial. Providing a single numeric answer is impossible, as a myriad of factors contribute. To unravel the complexity of drone show cost and assist you in gauging project feasibility, we'll explore diverse drone show types and outline the parameters that shape pricing.

The different types of drone shows

One-off drone shows for events

Be it a seasonal event for a city (like National Day, Christmas, Halloween), a brand's product launch, or a ceremony for a sports event, Dronisos offers one-off drone shows. Good to know: even for singular occasions, operational teams arrive two to three days in advance to conduct technical flights and rehearsals

Permanent drone shows

Dronisos specializes in permanent drone shows, witnessed in amusement parks like Disneyland Paris, Puy du Fou, circuses, museums, and cruise ships. Permanent drone shows run daily (or nearly daily) over periods spanning weeks to months. Costs depend on multiple factors, with installation expenses amortized over all performances, often resulting in economies of scale.

Drone-enabled marketing and advertising campaigns

The use of drone shows to launch products, unveil films, and activate marketing campaigns is on the rise. Such performances are typically one-time affairs presented to the public or a select audience (clients, guests, VIPs). Drone shows can also capture video content for advertisements or social media.

Drone shows for communities

Communities are embracing drone shows, whether one-off or permanent, to rejuvenate light displays. With reduced fire risks and minimal environmental impact, drone shows offer cities innovative options for delivering exceptional displays on occasions such as Bastille Day, August 15th, year-end celebrations, or the summer season.

SBordeaux Wine Festival - Credit: Guillaume Bonnaud

Price of a drone show: criteria taken into account

The price of a drone show is composed of the following main elements:
- Project management (including administrative procedures)
- Artistic creation
- Logistics (shipping and receiving drones and equipment)
- Operational aspects (installation, performance, decommissioning).
Let's take a look at how each of these factors impacts the cost of your drone show.

Which country is hosting the drone show?

Logistics bear varying weight in your budget based on the location of the drone light show. To minimize your drone show costs and carbon footprint, Dronisos has international offices, each housing a drone fleet for local deployment. The offices are situated in Bordeaux (Europe), Orlando (North America), and Dubai (Middle East). The proximity to warehouses enables cost-effective travel options, avoiding air transport whenever possible.

What type of drone show is requested?

Artistic creation significantly influences your drone show pricing, demanding extensive artistic and technical resources. Dronisos' artistic team includes a director, a production director, and experienced choreographers skilled in 2D and 3D formations. Collaboration with top artists tailored to your project's needs—sound designers, musicians, voice actors—ensures excellence.

To streamline drone service costs and offer innovative events without creative constraints, we've curated a catalog of "ready-to-perform" shows. Leveraging Dronisos' artistic and technical expertise, these choreographies span diverse themes and can be personalized with your logo or chosen visuals, impacting the price of your luminous drone show. In high season, catalog shows can start from €40,000 for 400 drones (excluding logistic costs) while fully personalized shows, with bespoke choreography, begin around €80,000 (also for 400 drones).

Holidays Catalog Show

Is the drone show indoors or outdoors?

As the world record holder for the largest indoor drone show, Dronisos excels in both indoor and outdoor performances. It's important, however, to distinguish between these two types, each requiring unique approaches:

  • Different types of drones are used ;
  • Safety constraints are specific to drone type and flight area dimensions ;
  • Artistic aspects vary significantly ;
  • The technology and system are also different.

Technology and technical setups differ, making providing an indoor drone show price range challenging due to varying operating conditions and performance venues. Contact us to discuss indoor drone projects, as on-site visits are essential for technical validation.

How many drones for the show?

The number of drones impacts the cost of your drone show. Dronisos crafts exceptional performances starting from 400 drones. The optimal drone count depends on your goals, the more drones as used, the more complex the 3D formations are. You can discover simulation examples here. The number of drones significantly influences logistical and maintenance costs. Our shows range from 400 to thousands of drones, such as the 2,000 flown at the Dubai World Cup and the 1,495 at Disneyland Paris for Bastille Day (European record).

The duration of the light drone show

Standard drone shows last 12 to 14 minutes, determined by battery life. This duration is market standard, but Dronisos' R&D team has worked diligently to extend it, providing longer, more magical experiences. Developed by Dronisos, this technology impacts show pricing, requiring more drones to extend performance time.

Rome's candidacy for Expo 2030

Understanding drone show costs is a complex matter. This article sheds light on important factors shaping pricing. If you're planning a drone show and seek guidance from experts, contact us. We'll define essential show elements and promptly provide a quote. Remember, the world of drone shows offers spectacular possibilities, and each performance is uniquely crafted to ensure your vision comes to life.

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