2023 Dubai World Cup world premiere: drone show & planes

May 1, 2023
Discover how Dronisos developed a groundbreaking technology that enables planes and drones to fly in the same airspace with total security.

About the Dubai World Cup 

A horse race like no other

The Dubai World Cup stands as one of the most prestigious horse racing events globally, taking place at the iconic Meydan Racecourse, covering a distance of 2000 meters. Attracting top champions from all five continents, it's no wonder that this race boasts one of the highest prize pools in the world.

2023 Dubai World Cup Closing Ceremony 

The Dubai World Cup is also renowned for its grand and extraordinary closing ceremonies, featuring dazzling fireworks. Since 2022, the organizers have taken the show to new heights by incorporating a drone show company into the mix.

In 2023, the drone show crafted for the event surpassed all expectations, with Dronisos achieving a world-first by orchestrating nearly 2,000 drones, in sync with two aerobatic airplanes launching fireworks. Witnessing drones and planes sharing the same airspace was an awe-inspiring performance made possible through proprietary technology developed in-house by the skilled teams at Dronisos.

Pyro, drones, giant screens: nothing is too big for Dubai World Cup!

2023 Dubai World Cup: Drone Show - Behind the Scenes

An Innovative Flying Method

There are two primary ways to communicate with drones: radio frequencies (broadcast) or Wi-Fi. While the former allows group communication to all drones participating in a choreography, the latter enables the transmission of commands to individual drones and the receipt of feedback. This bi-directional communication empowers drones to confirm that instructions are received and relay any abnormal situations back to the ground teams. Unlike broadcast methods, this Wi-Fi approach grants our drone pilots complete visibility over the entire fleet, ensuring an understanding of each element's behavior in the choreography.

For the drone show in Dubai, coordinated with Aerosparx planes, this feedback was essential: it allowed us to communicate live with the pilots of the planes about the positions and trajectories of each drone, in order to ensure the safety of the pilots, as well as the integrity of the drones and the planes.

Intelligent Drones

Using Wi-Fi communication also permits sending specific instructions to individual drones, unlike broadcast, which transmits collective information to all drones simultaneously. This flexibility proves invaluable when dealing with unexpected or unusual situations, as we can promptly instruct one drone or a small group of drones to behave in a specific manner. This adaptability played a critical role during the coordinated flight with Aerosparx's airplanes, enabling our ground teams to modify certain drones' behavior as per the pilots' requests.

A Maximum Level of Security

Above the technical achievement and artistic finesse, safety is the top priority at Dronisos. Our unwavering commitment to safety allowed us to collaborate seamlessly with Aerosparx and share the same airspace without any collisions or accidents. 

Equipped with advanced onboard systems, our drones leverage their own data and GPS to react to unforeseen circumstances, even in cases of Wi-Fi loss or connectivity issues. For instance, they can autonomously return to their designated take-off zone following a precise trajectory, without disrupting the rest of the choreography. 

This comprehensive safety setup empowered us to push the boundaries of illuminated drone shows and collaborate on an unforgettable display with Aerosparx. We take pride in continually exploring and developing new technologies, maintaining our position at the forefront of creativity while never compromising on safety.

2 planes turn around a massive 3D figure, launching pyro

Some Other Epic Drone Shows by Dronisos

Since the Dubai World Cup, Dronisos has shattered records and delivered spectacular drone shows.

  • July 14th at Disneyland Paris Europe's Largest Drone Show

On July 14th, Dronisos once again set the record for the largest drone show in Europe with 1,500 drones dancing above the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Months of preparation in utmost secrecy were required by the teams of Dronisos and Disneyland Paris to orchestrate this unprecedented and monumental drone show, paying tribute to the symbols of France and the great Disney and Pixar classics.

  • Drone Show above the Colosseum in Rome

During Rome's bid for the 2030 World Expo, Dronisos had the opportunity to fly its drones above the Colosseum in Rome. As the only drone show company to have flown over this wonder of the world, Dronisos presented an impressive show combining drones and mapping. The images from this historic monument, enlightened by drones, will remain in history.

  • The Millennium Solstice at Mont-Saint-Michel, featuring a drone show and mapping

For the first time in its history, the Mont Saint Michel, another wonder of the world, was also flown over by Dronisos drones to celebrate the millennium of its abbey. Two performances were given at two different moments of the evening, combining drone light shows, mapping, and lasers. For the Millenium Sostice drone shows, these two displays offered the opportunity to admire this mythical location adorned with light and drones, first in the glow of the setting sun and then in the night. A memorable aesthetic experience.

Today, Dronisos boasts the ability to create unparalleled spectacles, consistently pushing the boundaries of imagination. Today, airplanes... What will happen tomorrow?

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