Drone light shows for theme parks: our expertise

October 2, 2023
Dronisos is the world expert in permanent drone shows for amusement parks. What does that mean?

As pioneers in the drone light show industry, Dronisos swiftly established itself as a key player in the realm of theme parks. As the sole specialist in this market, we stand as the preferred service provider for theme parks dealing with diverse constraints and unique specifications.

D-Light, our daily drone show at Disneyland Paris

Creating a drone show for a theme park 

The advantages of drone performances

Theme parks have always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to nighttime entertainment. Some, like Disneyland Paris, have embraced the realm of drone light shows.

Drone light shows offer numerous advantages. Highly innovative, they pique curiosity. By offering a drone show, theme parks position themselves as trailblazers, providing visitors with a unique experience.

Moreover, with drone light shows, it's possible to create an immersive nighttime event and delve deeper into storytelling. Drones can depict any type of image, bringing heroes to the sky and telling any kind of narrative. In the world of drones, whether it's 2D, 3D, logos, words, or sentences, almost anything is possible. Imagination knows no bounds.

From an environmental standpoint, drone shows also have the significant advantage of limited sound impact. This allows for nighttime shows that respect wildlife, flora, and the tranquility of neighboring areas, particularly for theme parks situated in city centers.

Drone shows also reduce waste as they leave no residue. Each drone can perform nearly 400 flights, and at Dronisos, we focus on maintenance to extend the lifespan of our equipment.

Importantly, we understand the paramount concern for safety in theme parks. Drone shows pose no fire risk and can happen even when pyrotechnics are forbidden.

Dronisos’ expertise

Since day one, Dronisos has developed specific expertise in drone shows for theme parks. We can execute one-time shows (for a night or two) or permanent shows over several weeks or months, as exemplified at Puy du Fou.

Offering a permanent show in a park receiving thousands of daily visitors, with extended operating hours and diverse activities, involves several challenges. Our experience, professionalism, and the unique features developed by our R&D team allow us to perfectly meet the needs of theme parks.

We understand the park's constraints, emphasizing safety (our top priority) and seamless integration with daily activities such as dining, attractions, and shops. Operating in various types of parks, we can provide a personalized study to find the optimal layout plan, balancing visibility, safety, and operational efficiency.

We also have in-depth knowledge of administrative procedures. Our system is approved by Civil Aviation in over 25 countries, enabling us to obtain flight permits smoothly. We support our clients in their dealings with local authorities when necessary.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the high quality expected by theme park visitors. As the Official Technology Provider of Disneyland Paris, we aim for excellence in every stage of production and operations.

Dronisos drones in the Cinéscénie, the famous show in Puy du Fou

Creating a drone show for a theme park 

How your project comes to life

For those working in theme parks and considering introducing drone shows to their visitors, understanding the key stages of such a project is essential.

  • Scoping: Together, we define the type of drone show you want: indoor or outdoor? Do you plan to incorporate other scenic effects (pyrotechnics, water displays, mapping)? How often and for how long do you want the show? These questions help us gain a clear vision of your project.
  • Layout Study: Essential when installing a permanent drone show in a theme park, this phase involves overcoming numerous challenges. We ensure the availability of sufficient space for our takeoff zone and permanent workshop. We jointly select a discreet "start zone", hidden from public view but close to the flight zone, ensuring safety for park visitors and all teams. We optimize the layout to avoid disrupting any ongoing park activities.
  • Safety and Authorizations: Safety is our top priority. We follow imposed constraints rigorously and go beyond. We handle all permit requests necessary for nighttime drone flights, assisting you with authorization requests within your jurisdiction (event safety, ground safety).
  • Choreography Creation: Depending on your requirements, we can work with a precise creative brief or provide artistic guidance. Dronisos adapts to your needs, ensuring continuous communication and sharing progress regularly through Symphony, our proprietary choreography design tool.
  • Training: Based on your needs, we can train your teams to operate the drone show independently or we can continue to handle operations and maintenance throughout the show's duration.

Now that you understand the various preparation stages of a permanent drone show project, you may wonder about the timeframe. While it's challenging to provide a universal answer, the process typically takes between 4 and 6 months. However, certain deadlines are non-negotiable, such as flight authorization requests (30 to 90 days depending on the location).

Drone shows for theme parks: some of our performances

As an excellent partner, Dronisos ensures drone light shows for numerous theme parks. Here are some examples:

Bastille Day 2023 at Disneyland Paris

For the French National Day in 2023, Dronisos orchestrated Europe's largest drone show, involving nearly 1,500 drones. The monumental event required meticulous logistical preparation, including finding the ideal location for a sufficiently large takeoff area, discreetly hidden from public view until night fall.

Le mime et l’étoile at Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou's award-winning new show is a testament to the collaboration between Dronisos and a park specializing in large-scale public performances. Played up to 8 times a day, this indoor show features Dronisos animating luminous set elements that are, in fact, drones. Dronisos worked closely with the production team to develop a reliable technical solution and trained park teams for autonomous show installations and equipment maintenance.

We also trained the park's teams so that they can be autonomous in setting up the show multiple times a day and in maintaining the equipment. Dronisos provides continuous available support. Because we know that for amusement parks, whatever the circumstances: the show must go on!

Summer Festival at Dollywood

Working together for the last two years, Dronisos and Dollywood present a permanent drone show every evening during the Summer Festival. Accompanied by a soundtrack and fireworks, the show highlights iconic figures of country music and American culture. Installed in the park for the festival's duration, our team provides the show everynight, allowing visitors to end their day on a high note.

Whether outdoor or indoor, Dronisos collaborates with the world's most demanding theme parks for drone shows. As permanent show experts, we assist our clients in preparation, implementation, and operation, providing maintenance and team training. To explore the feasibility of a drone show in your theme park, feel free to contact us. We'll conduct an audit and propose an optimized plan based on your constraints.

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