Dronisos to manage drone fleet at Puy du Fou

October 16, 2020
Delta Drone and Dronisos announced today the signing of a strategic partnership that aims at integrating the professional ATMOS solution designed and developed by Delta Drone into Dronisos’s commercial offering.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Delta Drone and Dronisos enter into strategic partnership for events solutions

Dardilly and Bordeaux, October 16, 2020

drone show at Puy du Fou
Cinescénie® in Puy du Fou (Vendée)

Dronisos christmas drone show
Christmas show, Cestas (33)


Delta Drone and Dronisos announced today the signing of a strategic partnership that aims at integrating the professional ATMOS solution designed and developed by Delta Drone into Dronisos’s commercial offering.

European leader in drone shows, Dronisos is thus seeing its range of lighted drones expanded with larger drones, designed to carry heavy loads such as sets and costumes.

This partnership was prepared in close consultation with the Puy du Fou. Indeed, the ATMOS solution presented under the Neopter brand as part of the famous Cinescénie® night show, for 4 years in Vendée and since last year at Puy du Fou España in Toledo (Spain).

This agreement stipulates that Delta Drone will manufacture all ATMOS fleets for the exclusive benefit of Dronisos, which will be responsible for the promotion, marketing, software upgrades and maintenance in operational conditions of the solutions throughout the world.

As of today, the ATMOS solution will be offered by Dronisos in the form of a sale of associated systems and equipment, in particular to amusement parks, or as part of services for major events.

Created in 2016 and based in Bordeaux, Dronisos is the global leader for indoor and outdoor drone shows for permanent drone shows operated by amusement parks.

The company clientele includes Vulcania, Lancôme, Airbus, Peugeot and Warner Bros.

Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, President of Dronisos, said: "We are delighted to be able today to complete our offer with Atmos, a solution which sets standards in the world of events. Leader in drone shows, Dronisos now has the most complete range of automatic drones on the market, ranging from 80 grams to 8 kilograms. "

For his part, Christian Viguié, Chairman and CEO of Delta Drone explains: "the agreement concluded with Dronisos is perfectly consistent with our strategic model, based on a range of professional solutions and associated services. For each of the solutions, Delta Drone strives to forge alliances with recognized specialists in the sector. In this regard, Dronisos presents the perfect profile to accelerate the commercial development of the Atmos solution, bringing all its experience of the sector, including on an artistic level. In addition, the presence of Puy du Fou gives this agreement the best chances of success. "

Nicolas de Villiers, President of Puy du Fou declares "we are very happy to welcome Dronisos as a supplier of drone solutions to our parks. We believe in the potential of the combination of Delta Drone's incredibly reliable drones and Dronisos' complete drone show creation and management system. It will allow even more beautiful stories to be written in the sky ”.

About Dronisos: With a unique solution allowing management of hundreds of light drones in an automated manner, Dronisos rejuvenate the entertainment industry by turning the sky into the largest screen in the world. Large amusement parks, TV shows but also major events have taken over in order to provide new emotions to the public. Based in Bordeaux, Bangalore and Orlando, Dronisos deploys its shows and technology all around the world.



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About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is an international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It provides a range of professional solutions specifically designed for targeted sectors, as well as a complete selection of related services.

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