Dronisos at Le Puy du Fou for the "Le Mime et l'Étoile"

March 8, 2023
Discover Dronisos drones in this indoor show, performed up to 8 times a day!

Dronisos, the Drone Partner of Le Puy du Fou for the Launch of Its New Show "Le Mime et l'Étoile"

In 2023, Le Puy du Fou unveiled its new spectacle. An original creation that enriches the French park with a new story, this time centered around the birth of the 7th Art.

Le Mime et l'Étoile

Technology Serving Artistic Creation

Artistic Ambition

"Le Mime et l'Étoile" is based on an artistic concept of mobile sets and props: throughout the duration of the play, buildings and shops move in the background of the stage. The actors adapt to this perpetual motion, playing with it, thanks to a system of conveyor belts that allow synchronized, unsynchronized, and even counter movements. Another artistic choice is the color palette: all sets, costumes, and props are designed in shades of gray. Only a few elements are colored in yellow or red, making them stand out even more. Lights play a central role in setting the ambiance and infusing dream and poetry into this story of Cinema. Dronisos drones are used for this purpose.

The Technological Challenge

In "Le Mime et l'Étoile," Dronisos drones serve as accessories. It's not about creating a drone show per se, but rather using drones for their light and their ability to "dance" and follow choreography. Without revealing the surprises of the show, we can say that the role played by the drones in "Le Mime et l'Étoile" is subtle and very elegant. Even though they are just accessories, it required many hours of research and work to achieve a perfectly synchronized result with the actors' performance. Thanks to its expertise in indoor drone shows and close collaboration with the technical team of Le Puy du Fou, Dronisos has developed a system that allows "Le Mime et l'Étoile" to be performed up to 8 times a day. With training for the teams at Le Puy du Fou and technical support available at all times, drone fleet management is now smooth and efficient.

Some touches of color in a backdrop of gray shades

Dronisos' Expertise in Amusement Parks

Le Puy du Fou and Dronisos, a Strong Partnership

"Le Mime et l'Étoile" is the second show on which Dronisos has collaborated with Le Puy du Fou. In fact, since 2020, Dronisos has also been managing the drone fleet for the "Cinéscénie". This monumental outdoor spectacle is performed every weekend during the summer and uses large drones capable of carrying significant loads. Here too, it's not about a drone show per se, but rather about set elements. Depending on the scenes, the 24 drones carry candles, flags, or life-size figurines. This very specific type of service naturally requires close collaboration with the park's teams, both in terms of maintenance and support, as well as research and development.

Dronisos, the Preferred Partner of Amusement Parks

This partnership with Le Puy du Fou, one of Europe's largest amusement parks, consistently recognized for its creativity and innovation, illustrates the expertise that Dronisos has developed over the years. As partners with numerous parks around the world, Dronisos fully understands the challenges of permanent shows performed daily, and even multiple times a day, within parks. With a paramount focus on safety, Dronisos is also aware of the economic considerations of parks and seamlessly integrates its activities without interfering with the usual park operations (attractions, shops, dining). Finally, our Research and Development team is ready to tackle the most ambitious artistic challenges, both indoors and outdoors, and go even further in creating magical staging that captivates the widest audience.

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