Park Excellence Awards 2023 Shortlist Announcement

September 11, 2023
Dronisos, in 2 of the Seven Nominated Shows for Best Live Entertainement!

Park Excellence Awards 2023: Dronisos, in 2 of the Seven Nominated Shows in the Best Live Entertainment Category!

The nominations for the 2023 Park Excellence Awards have just been announced! We are thrilled to share that Dronisos is a partner in two of the seven nominated shows in the "Best Live Entertainment" category. This recognition means a lot to us and is a testament to the hard work of all our teams: our artists, our Research & Development team, our operators, and all the behind-the-scenes workers!

Stay tuned, final results are to be announced on September 27th.

Daily drone show 'Avengers: Powert The Night' at Disneyland Paris

Dronisos, the Partner of Choice for Major Amusement Parks' Drone Light Shows

Dronisos is the global leader in permanent drone light shows. This type of installation, which allows for daily performances, and even multiple shows a day, has gained immense popularity among amusement parks. These nominations demonstrate how drone light shows have become an integral part of the offerings at the world's leading theme parks.

Official Technology Provider for Disneyland Paris

As a privileged partner of Disneyland Paris, Dronisos has created the "Avengers: Power the Night" drone light show, nominated for the Best Live Entertainment award at the 2023 Park Excellence Awards. Developed in close collaboration with the park's teams and launched in January 2023, this show was performed every night until May. Returning on September 1st in a new version, the show will run daily until November 5th.

Enhanced with stunning mapping effects, a beloved soundtrack, and breathtaking fireworks, the drones take center stage, showcasing 3D figures representing each of the Avengers' heroes. Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and The Wasp – can you recognize them all?

With this spectacle featuring 500 drones and numerous special effects, Disneyland Paris harnesses technology to create dreams and imagination, positioning itself as a pioneer in permanent drone light shows.

Partnering with Puy du Fou

Already a partner for the "Cinéscénie," a monumental live show performed each summer in front of a packed audience of 13,000, Dronisos also collaborates with Puy du Fou for the launch of their new 2023 show, "Le Mime et l’Étoile." This indoor production combines poetry and innovation, with a mobile set full of surprises (we won't reveal anything about the drones' role...). The actors engage our senses and perceptions, offering a unique and romantic story of silent cinema becoming talkative and colorful.

This is a perfect example of how drones can add magic to a live stage performance, thanks to Dronisos' cutting-edge technology.

'Le Mime et l'Étoile', indoor show performed up to 8 times per day

Drone Light Shows Confirm Their Place in the Amusement Park Universe!

This marks the second consecutive year that Dronisos has been nominated for the Park Excellence Awards. In 2022, the Disney D-Light drone light show received the Best Live Entertainment Award. Disneyland Paris, as the first Disney Park in the world to offer a daily drone light show to visitors, created a sensation with its show, which is still performed every evening in the park, above Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Permanent Drone Light Shows

Permanent drone light shows are becoming a staple in amusement park offerings for their visitors. Elevating the genre of nighttime entertainment, they allow for a deeper level of storytelling and personalized shows, featuring figures reminiscent of the park's heroes, along with the ability to create text or logos in the sky.

As specialists in this type of performance, Dronisos has developed an in-depth expertise in permanent drone light shows for amusement parks. Understanding the specific constraints of parks, our R&D team has developed a set of exclusive features to ensure stable and flawless quality, as well as maximum safety. We work closely with creative teams from the parks and other service providers (aquatic effects, pyrotechnics, etc.), knowing the production process inside out and the unique requirements of such collaborations.

Disney D-Light, the permanent drone show at Disneyland Paris that received the Best Live Entertainment Award in 2022

Indoor Drone Light Shows

Drones also play a role in innovative indoor stage productions. Interacting with actors, drones come to life, adding magic and poetry to the story. Holding the world record for an indoor show with 200 drones on stage, Dronisos has developed technology that allows its lightweight and agile drones to safely perform alongside actors, dancers, singers, or acrobats. Whether they are dancing lights, props, or actual characters, our drones add a touch of magic that captivates both young and old audiences.

Off-the-Shelf Drone Light Shows for Seasonal Events

Drone light shows can also be integrated as temporary events for seasonal celebrations (Halloween, Christmas, Bastille Day, etc.). Whether performed once or daily for a specific period, our shows can be customized or chosen from our catalog.

Our 'catalog' show offering was developed to provide amusement parks with Dronisos' expertise, with limited creation and setup time, and consequently, a more budget-friendly option.

These catalog shows can be personalized with the park's colors, logos, figures, or portraits, making it easier to implement a drone light show with fewer time and budget constraints compared to a custom production. Our team is available to introduce you to the various shows available.

In summary, whether it's monumental outdoor drone light shows or technological marvels for indoor performances, Dronisos is the preferred partner of amusement parks, known for the quality of its technology and the professionalism of its teams. The nominations of "Avengers: Power the Night" at Disneyland Paris and "Le Mime et l’Étoile" at Puy du Fou are proof of this. We eagerly await the results and keep our fingers crossed for our long-standing partners!

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