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October 27, 2023
Dronisos catalog drone shows are high quality while remaining affordable. Discover all their specificities and some examples!

Dronisos is one of the global leaders in drone shows. Through our technical capabilities and artistic expertise, we create exceptional performances that leave a lasting impression on the audience. Over the years, we have built a catalog of signature shows, true showcases of our creative talent and technological excellence. Revolutionizing the concept of nighttime spectacles, they are available for organizing premium events.

Why choose a show from our catalog?

Organizing and creating a drone show involves various constraints and steps. Opting for a drone light show from our catalog can help reduce the project timeline: with artistic creation already complete, our focus shifts to the technical and regulatory aspects of your event.

Creating and programming the choreography of a fully customized show can take one to three months in some cases. By choosing an existing creation from our catalog, you can cut these timelines to just a few days or weeks, allowing for the addition of your logo or a chosen text if you want to personalize the show.

Our signature shows serve as perfect examples of our expertise. Crafted by our creative team and featuring the best artists and providers, these shows have been meticulously designed without the usual time constraints of a custom project. Although performed multiple times, they have the great advantage of being "amortized", providing you access to the best of Dronisos at an affordable price.

Sneak peek of our new Holidays Catalog Show!

Who are our turnkey shows aimed at?

For our signature drone shows, we deliberately selected themes that can appeal to a wide audience of all ages. We regularly offer our catalog shows to municipalities, amusement parks, tourist attractions, and private events (such as corporate events or family gatherings).

If you don't have strict artistic direction requirements for your event, our catalog drone shows are particularly suitable.

Also, it's possible to customize them with your logo or a figure of your choice at the beginning or end of the choreography. The number of customizable scenes depends on each creation, and we will advise you more precisely when choosing your show.

The technical specificities of the catalog shows

At the forefront of artistry, we strive to create high-quality shows. That's why we choose to use a minimum of 400 drones for each of our catalog shows. If the sky is a screen and each drone is a pixel, then the more pixels we have, the better the quality of our images.

The duration of our shows can range from 10 to 15 minutes, with drones visible from takeoff to landing or only when in formation. The choice is yours!

All our catalog drone shows have a soundtrack, so it's crucial to have audio at the event venue. Dronisos operational teams are accustomed to coordinating with sound providers for perfect synchronization of music and voice-over with light effects.

Regarding the size of the takeoff area, it can vary slightly depending on the chosen show. Generally, it's about 15 x 30 meters. The flight area should be approximately 150m x 150m, with an additional 100m on each side for safety distance. We can adapt the installation of our flight area based on your ground. Let's discuss it.

History of Humanity

List of our catalog drone shows

To regularly offer new creations and because our artistic and technical teams continually progress, we are constantly expanding our drone shows catalog. Depending on your audience's typology or your event's theme, we can recommend the most suitable show.

History of Humanity

Both moving and exciting, this drone show traces the history of Humanity from the Big Bang to the present day. Evoking the great discoveries and the most essential inventions of our species, this show is a message of hope for the future.

Narrated by a beautiful voice-over and soundtrack, the History of Humanity appeals to a broad and family audience. Ending on a note of hope and emotion, it's not impossible for the audience will shed a tear.

As the very first catalog show by Dronisos, it remains part of our "best-of" due to its quality and undeniable success. Check out the teaser here.

Secrets of the Deep

This drone show is a journey into the depths that will take you to a still largely unknown underwater world. Before your eyes, the most astonishing creatures come to life, revealing the secrets of our oceans.

This show will amaze both young and old, raising awareness about the preservation of our planet. This show is particularly suitable for events taking place by the sea or at nautical events.

Check the trailer here


Derived from a show performed for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Kinetic drone show is a graphic and auditory journey. Set to an original electro soundtrack, 2D and 3D figures move organically in the starry sky. This drone show is especially suitable for musical and festive events (concerts, showcases, festivals).

A Christmas Tale

The latest creation from our artistic team, this Christmas tale will take both young and old on a journey. It tells the adventures of a young and fragile Christmas tree dreaming of celebrating Christmas. His snowman friend will help him fulfill his dream and to meet Santa Claus in person! A poetic and moving show to offer a magical night to children and adults alike. Perfect for your year-end festivities: book it now!

Organizing a Drone Show, How to Go About It?

Do you want to liven up one of your events with a drone show and understand how the project will unfold from start to finish? Are you wondering if your venue is suitable, if your budget allows it? Join our webinar on November 16th at 11:30 am (CEST). During the 45-minute session, we will detail the preparation and implementation steps of a catalog show and discuss the experience of the city of Arcachon with our guest, Emmanuelle Dréan, Director of Animation at Arcachon Expansion, who coordinated the Dronisos drone show on June 19, 2023, on the waterfront. Please note that this webinar will be held in French. 

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