• Team Dronisos

New high tech in event marketing : Drone Light show at Odisha Hockey World Cup opening ceremony

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The permanent development of new technologies revolutionizes events around the world. Dronisos, a French start-up, proved it at the Odisha Hockey World Cup opening ceremony, delivering the first ever drone show in India.

Nowadays, high technologies and events are industries expanding very fast. Looking at numbers, the event industry in France generated 64,5 billion euro with nearly 28 million visitors in 2017. Companies and brands now understand that they have to distinguish themselves to attract new customers. They put the client in the center of their reflections. Before a brand was an identity, now a brand is an experience. That’s why they promote events marketing to improve user’s experiences.

As for the high-tech, the industry grew by 3,9% between 2017 and 2018 with $266 billion wholesale revenue in 2018.

In fact, on the one hand, we saw the rise of event marketing and in the other hand we are witnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution : the technology revolution.

Thus, those two growing industry meet to maximize user experience.

In this context Dronisos organized the first ever Drone show in India. The show incorporated 150 autonomous drones piloted by only one computer in front of nearly 10000 spectators in the iconic Kalinga stadium. Drones were synchronized with the music, forming shapes and patterns. The show began with a countdown in the air. Then we could see circles of light moving and finally forming a heart with a hockey stick. The drone show wonderfully finished with the official flag of India shining above the stadium. Drones and fireworks declared the opening of the gala for that Hockey World Cup in a dazzling display of lights.

Henrik Ohlund, the project manager of the show, says : "We had to face several challenges for delivering a perfect show. One of them was the lead time : the show was actually ordered less than one month before the date, which leaved little time to set-up a fully customized show".

Despite the challenges, Dronisos succeed in delivering that unique show and a wow experience for the 10000 spectators in the Stadium.