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Drones and Drone Shows in the Marketing & Advertising industry

New Year greetings from Disney+
New Year greetings from Disney+ delivered by a swarm of drones

In today's crowded advertising space with brands competing for every inch of billboard space and TV ads costing a fortune during prime time events, the actual RoI in terms of consumer recall value is very low.

In this overcrowded space, marketing gurus are constantly looking for unique ways to reach their audience. In the last few years, drones have come in like a breath of fresh air, equipping brand marketers with new and innovative tools to engage their audience with a much higher recall value.

Just in 2020, the supposedly “slow year”, we saw major brands like Disney, Walmart, Netflix and KIA Motors among others use drones in spectacular fashion in their marketing outreach.

Although the booming drone-enabled advertising industry did take a hit like every other industry in 2020, it continued to remain the preferred medium of choice to grab audience attention due to the following key advantages:

  1. Socially distant and safe viewing — outdoor drone light shows can be viewed from a distance of up to 2 km. They are thus a safe way for the audience to consume media keeping social distancing norms in mind.

  2. Generates buzz — drones are still a very new technology and attract a lot of attention whenever they are used. This leads to a lot of buzz on social media and mainstream media channels.

  3. Drones are versatile — they can either be used as a physical medium to reach audiences in new and innovative ways or they can be used as actors dressed as flying objects in TV commercials or viral videos bringing the elusive wow factor to content creation.


In the recent past Dronisos drones have been part of multiple marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Below you will find a selection of some of our most notable performances.

New Year Greetings from Disney+ The city of Paris was treated to New Year greetings from Disney+ delivered by a swarm of hundreds of Dronisos drones. A poetic and innovative way for the Disney+ team to wish the world a Happy New Year.

New Year 2021 greetings from Disney+

Netflix — Over the Moon Dronisos had the pleasure of producing a drone show for the promotion of the animated fantasy film “Over the Moon”. The Dronisos team took on the technical challenge of aligning a drone ballet with the full moon.

Netflix — Over the Moon promotional video

Nissan Kicks — launch in Brazil Hundreds of Dronisos drones flew into São Paulo to highlight the arrival of the new Nissan Kicks 2021 on the Brazilian market. The Japanese brand turned to Dronisos to organise this unprecedented drone show in Brazil.

Nissan Kicks — launch in Brazil

Peugeot 508 SW TV commercial The search for the world’s most winding road to test the new Peugeot 508 SW’s traction ended with Dronisos drones recreating and retracing the winding path of a snake.

Peugeot TV commercial

Lancôme TV commercial A kite ballet performed by hundreds of Dronisos drones lit up the Paris night sky for a Lancôme TV commercial for Chinese singles day.

Lancôme TV commercial for Chinese singles day

Peugeot e-208 launch The new electric car from Peugeot was revealed to the world by a stunning Dronisos drone show over the Paris night sky.

Peugeot e-208 launch

Men In Black — movie launch The MIB franchise turned to Dronisos drones for the launch of their latest movie at the Giffoni film festival in Italy.

Men In Black — movie launch

Volvo S90 launch The new Volvo S90 was unveiled in Beijing using indoor drones by Dronisos.

Volvo S90 launch

Oreo — flying cookies in London Ever seen a flying Oreo? Flying Oreos were seen by over 200,000 people at Westfield Shopping Centre, London, in an innovative in-mall display.

Oreo — flying cookies in London


As drone technology matures, more and more brands are realising the potential drones and drone shows have in reaching their target audience. The future of advertising could be in the sky. It is after all the worlds biggest billboard.


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