• Team Dronisos

150 drones launch in the sky within 30 seconds by Dronisos

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Why you are going to see even more drone light shows ?

Drones interest more and more people, and if sales of leisure drones increased these last few years, we are now seeing the rise of professional drones.

The very known Times magazine even published a front page announcing “The drone age” where we can see drones forming their title in the sky.

Drones are very trendy, we used them to film, to race, to increase our perception of the world but we are going to see more and more of those machines especially in events.

In fact, drones light shows can be presented as an alternative to traditional fireworks. Drones light shows are disrupting that market with an innovative proposition of creating shapes and patterns in the sky using machines.

Moreover, these shows provide an answer to the current ecological issues, they are more sustainable than fireworks. Indeed, if drones ask for more resources during their production, they can be used several times and not only once.. Drones light show are also quieter than fireworks which is better for animals and people complaining about noise.

Fireworks have been there for centuries, drones light shows provide an alternative, another choice for promoters who want to organize unforgettable events. Actually, they are offer more precision to the operator. They allow to create stories and animations in the sky by forming accurate shapes and patterns.

But there is a real challenge organizing drone light shows. In fact, the biggest issue is not the drone nor the light but how to set up several drones to fly and dance together. It’s easy to set up one drone to fly in an autonomous way but it’s way more difficult to synchronise several autonomous drones working together for a show.

Working on a software to make this magic happen, Dronisos stretch the limits of what is actually possible. For instance, Dronisos recently broke a record launching 150 drones in 30 seconds in the sky of Bordeaux.