For thousands of years, humans have harnessed the power of art to express that which is beyond words. 


To give us insight into love and longing, beauty and pain, peace and war.


To amplify what it means to be human. To celebrate what it means to be alive.


Art brings us together.

From every walk of life, from city and country and left and right and young and old. 


It fosters understanding and empathy in a world where these things are often diminished.

An Helios drone used for drone light show
Drone show event

Art is people at their most beautiful. And for as long as we’ve been able, we’ve found new ways to manifest that beauty.

Dronisos is at the very vanguard of that journey, leading the way towards new forms of awe-inspiring storytelling and magic.

Dronisos uses the sky as a canvas, where anything and everything is possible.

Painting with light to reflect the most compelling narratives on earth.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide exciting, engaging and immersive moments, with safety and environmental stewardship as hallmarks of each experience.


Dronisos is more than a new company. It’s a new campfire, gathering people from all walks of life to feel connected.


And whatever your event, from sports to brands to parks and politics, we can help you put that connection to work.

Drone Show setup