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An indoor drone from Dronisos
A Christmas themed drone show by Dronisos
  • What is the lead time needed to deliver a drone show?

The more time we have the better. We typically recommend between 1 to 3 months as it gives us adequate time to create and test the show. We have however delivered spectacular shows with just a few weeks notice. Depending on the location of the show, the transportation of the drones, airspace authorisations and other permits could add to the lead time required.

  • Where can you perform a show?

We perform both indoors and outdoors. We have delivered drone shows in auditoriums and concert halls, as well as in large sporting arenas and in the backdrop of iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower. We are also capable of performing anywhere in the world. Our drones have performed in over 20 countries so far.

  • What is the duration of a typical show?

Our indoor shows average about 5 minutes and our outdoor shows between 8 to 12 minutes (visible time). If you would like a longer duration show, we can create the illusion that the drones are flying longer by launching several sets of additional drones.

  • What type of drones do you use?

Our favourite drones are from Parrot. We have a close partnership with Parrot that allows us to build upon their drone platform to specifically develop performance drone systems for entertainment. We heavily modify the hardware and software of these drones in order to make them perfect for drone light shows.

Dronisos drone range
Dronisos drone range

Dronisos drone range: Helios is an indoor-only drone, Zephyr and Autan can be used both indoors and outdoors, while Mistral is an outdoor-only drone

  • Do the drones have cameras and can they take pictures or videos?

Our drones have been purpose-built for drone light shows. The only payload the drones carry is the LED to light up the sky. We do not include cameras and sensors on the drones to capture or store data.

  • How far are the drones visible?

Our creations when we perform an outdoor drone show are huge. Average dimensions of the animations are 200m (width) by 100 m (height). These can be seen clearly from at least one kilometre away.

dronisos drone show paris
Here is an example of a picture that was taken from the window of an apartment in Paris during one of our shows

  • How does weather (wind and rain) affect an outdoor drone show?

We don’t fly in the rain or if there is excess wind. Our drones are capable of handling up to 25 km/h windspeeds. Anything in excess of that will impact the show.

  • How much does a drone light show cost?

There are no fixed price brackets for drone light shows as every show is tailor-made specifically for a particular event. Many factors like the country hosting the show, if the show is indoors or outdoors and the overall budget are all taken into consideration when designing a show.

Indoor drone shows can cost anywhere between €7,500 to €75,000, while outdoor drone shows start at €40,000 and can go up to €250,000 and higher.

We also have an option for permanent/recurring drone shows for theme parks, circuses, etc. These are tailormade shows and the price will depend on the requirements.

  • Who takes care of the permissions and authorisations necessary to fly drones at my event?

Based on the location of your event and the airspace regulations in your country, we will work closely with you to obtain the necessary permits and authorisations for drone flight at your event.

Although drone regulations can be very strict, our unique technology has been certified by civil aviation authorities in over 20 countries. We have also been approved by several major amusement parks for permanent drone show installations.

  • Can you fly drones over water?

Yes, we can. We have even launched our drones from platforms over water bodies in the past. However, where possible, we prefer to fly over land while giving the illusion that the drones are flying over water.

  • How many drones do I need for my event?

The more drones you have, the more detail and higher resolution you can achieve, as the drones are in essence, pixels in the sky.

However, increasing the number of drones will also increase the cost of the show. Finding the right balance between an increased number of drones to cater to artistic demands and keeping the show within budget is a tightrope walk. Dronisos has a team of experts on hand to guide you through this process.

how many drones do you need
The drones and the colours can be choreographed to offer unlimited creative possibilities in the sky

  • What is the maximum number of drones you can fly simultaneously?

Outdoors, we have flown up to 1000 drones simultaneously in the past. If the project demands, we can even fly more.

Indoors, although we are limited by the size of the venue, we have flown up to 200 drones simultaneously in the past. We currently hold the world record for the largest swarm of drones flying simultaneously indoors.

Dronisos world record for the largest swarm of drones flying simultaneously indoors

  • Can the drone show be incorporated alongside other live performances?

Most certainly! Our drones have performed alongside dancers, musicians, magicians and other stage performers in the past. Our drones can also incorporate pyrotechnics and laser mapping into the show.

  • What information do I need to provide to request an estimate for my event?

Try to provide as many details as possible. The more information we have, the better and more accurate our estimate will be.

Please include the type of event, the location of the event, the number of drones required, the duration of the show, the date of the event, is it a one-time or a recurring show, do you already have a storyboard or visuals to share, will there be other live acts, etc.

Our experts will study your request closely and will get back to you with an estimate. You can use the following link to request an estimate: www.dronisos.com/book-a-show


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