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USA (Orlando) / France (Bordeaux)

Phone and Whatsapp +33 5 57 67 25 64 (CET - Europe)

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Our Partnership Programs

Authorized Reseller

As an Authorised Sales Partner, you will be following below process -

  • Attend our sales training in Bordeaux, France

  • Get access to our sales and marketing material

  • Be able to use our videos on your website

  • Get a chance to be referenced on our website

  • Be autonomous for negotiating deals

  • Get remote support if necessary

We will rely on you to sell Dronisos products within your region and scope.

Please fill the below form for applying to the Authorized Sales Partner Program

Certified Operator

Our Resellers can move towards a Certified Operator program.

This is the process to become a Certified Drone Show Operator :

  • Submit the application to become a reseller.

  • Get verification form Partnership executive.

  • Become Authorised Reseller

  • Do a drone show with us (Those who are already our resellers and wish to become Certified Operators start from this stage)

  • Partnership committee meets once a month to green-light new partners.

  • If you receive a green-light, you will proceed to complete certified training in France or USA.

  • Ready to sell & operate drone shows.

Partnership Program Application Form